You have probably read and heard a lot about the actual treatment process of botox and the results that are achieved but it is not often people talk about what we consider the single most important stage of any treatment which is what to expect after having Botox and the aftercare process.

After botox it is common to experience some raised bumps. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, usually skin resolves within an hour of treatment.

Raised bumps after treatment, normally resolves within an hour of treatment Depending upon how sensitive your skin is.

Bruising and swelling is a common side effect following treatment, this too normally resolves within a few days of treatment. On occasion we may recommend arnica cream. Anti wrinkle injections are generally painless but as we use a needle bruising can occur.

Very occasionally, clients can experience mild headaches following a Botox procedure. This is also attributed to simply having the procedure done, but again isn’t a lasting side effect.

The majority of people will not experience these symptoms, but I want you to be aware of them.

Remember, results don’t start happening immediately: It usually takes 7 days to start for botox to start taking effect and will only have fully taken effect after two weeks.


Over the first 7 days, you might still be aware that something is happening and may feel a little heaviness.  You’ll also start to see some tightening; this means that the anti-wrinkle injections are acting upon the muscle and the botox is working.

Around two weeks after your procedure,we’ll invite you to come back for a review appointment which is included in the original price. It’s here that we may add a little more anti-wrinkle injections if required. It’s always best to reassess the results and add more on this appointment. However, this also couples as a further assessment to see how you have responded to the treatment. Again all this is included as standard at The MediClinic within the original price you see quoted online.

We’ll also take a good look at the before pictures and contrast your results with these. It is very easy to forget how the results can quickly cause clients to forget how they looked two weeks ago as their new look becomes familiar.

In our opinion, anti-wrinkle injections look best after 4-5 weeks, as it’s all settled and taken effect.

Naturally, if you have this procedure with us, we shall talk and walk you through all the ‘dos and donts’ before you leave, and issue you with an aftercare leaflet.

However, the most important points to take on board are; no touching the area, no exercise, no makeup, and no alcohol for 24 hours following your treatment. It is vital you follow these guidelines.

To book in your consultation to determine whether you’re suitable for Botox injections, and to find out the results that are likely to be achievable get in contact with us today for a free no obligation consultation