One of the most effective treatments we offer and one that steadily risen in popularity over the years we take a closer look at Tear Trough treatment. 


What is Tear Trough filler treatment?


Tear trough filler treatment targets the under eye region and helps treat:


  • Puffy under-eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Under eye bags
  • A sunken or hollow appearance


As we age our skin loses volume causing our skin to lose plumpness, this combined with other lifestyle factors – can cause heavy tired looking eyes.


What can we do to help?


Tear trough filler is the placement of filler product containing hyaluronic acid it essentially ‘fills’ the undereye area – leaving the area plump and smooth and diminishing dark circles. This leaves the eye area looking well rested and rejuvenated.


Tear trough results are immediate and can last between 6-8 months, but everyone is different. Some bruising and swelling can occur, but this will subside within 24-48 hrs.


If you would like to discuss this treatment or any of our other treatments we offer with our team of medically trained professionals then please contact us via Direct Message or WhatsApp.