Surgical vs Non surgical Rhinoplasty

Non surgical rhinoplasty allows the reshaping and altering of the appearance of the nose, without the need to go under the knife or for general anaesthetic. Non surgical rhinoplasty still produces the same aesthetically pleasing results and boosts patients confidence tenfold.

A non-surgical nose job is a very quick and relatively painless procedure.

Using dermal fillers, containing hyaluronic acid, similar to those used in lip enhancements; we can change the shape, size or appearance of your nose. By carefully injecting the filler into just the correct areas of your nose we can make that bump disappear, make your nose look thinner or even lift the tip of your nose to give it a cuter appearance.

A non surgical nose job is evidently a less invasive procedure; less traumatic to the body, and there’s no need for a general anaesthetic (which can carry high risks). Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, it can also be reversed if you decide you don’t like the results and that you preferred the appearance of your old nose.

Surgical rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure.

During the surgery, you will be given a general anaesthetic to put you to sleep. This comes with additional risks which non surgical rhinoplasty doesn’t. The surgeon will then reshape your nose manually. Depending on the results you’re looking for he might chisel some bone away, slice parts of your tissue and adjust the shape or size of your cartilage.

As with any surgery, it’s quite traumatic to that area of the body. Most people suffer from black eyes, bruising and swelling for several days to weeks. This is whilst the body recovers. There are higher risks involved with surgical rhinoplasty, but it does offer truly permanent and drastic results. However, to adjust or modify those results, further surgery may be required.

Non surgical Rhinoplasty – during the procedure, we will apply a local topical anaesthetic to the areas we are going to inject. This helps numb the skin and make your treatment comfortable. Some fillers even contain a local anaesthetic too, which will help minimise pain as well as any post operative swelling.

The huge advantage of non surgical rhinoplasty is the time taken for the procedure – around 15 minutes. There is minimal recovery time involved in comparison to the surgical option too. The majority of people can continue with their day almost immediately after non surgical rhinoplasty, whilst with surgery there is an additional period of recovery. This is due to the general anaesthetic used and the more invasive procedure causing more bruising, swelling and pain.

With surgery costing up to £7000 for a surgical rhinoplasty, Here at The MediClinic, our non surgical rhinoplasty starts from just £225.

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