Dermal filler treatments, contrary to popular belief, are not just for the ladies. Men can use dermal fillers effectively as well. Natural and subtle results can be achieved.

Here at The MediClinic we can help rejuvenate tired skin, smooth wrinkles and fill deep lines. We can also use it to create a stronger, more masculine bone structure if desired.

Over time our skin slowly starts to lose collagen that helps shape and support it. Sun exposure, smoking, pollution and everyday stresses can speed up the aging procese. This causes us to get unwanted lines and wrinkles and sagging skin starts to develop.

Dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid can help replace the collagen lost and help you look fresh faced. This will help you appear like your youthful self again.

There are plenty of areas in which men can have effective dermal filler treatment but the most common areas for men to have dermal filler are:

The tear trough area – treatment of the under eye to help diminish dark sunken circles.

The jawline & chin – to help create a more angular masculine bone structure.

Does it hurt?

There may be some slight discomfort during the treatment.


This depends on how much filler is required – we always carry out a consultation beforehand where we can discuss your expectations and concerns first.


Bruising and swelling may happen but usually goes down within 48 hrs, you can also take pain killers or apply an icepack to help with any discomfort. All aftercare points are discussed with patients at the end of treatment.

If you would like to discuss how our team of medically trained professionals can help with either of these issues or any issues you may have contact us via Direct Message or WhatsApp.