What is Laser Hair Removal?

In short – removing hair by using laser light pulses that heat and disable the hair follicle. This allows longer lasting results for removing unwanted hair.

How many sessions?

We recommend 6 sessions for maximum permanent results. You will be pleased to know we do courses at discounted prices.

Is it Painful?

Our Elysion Laser machine has a “Crystal Freeze” technology – a cooling system, keeping the skin cool & protected throughout treatment. Giving you a comfortable experience through out your laser treatment.


Its quick & effective. Laser treatment prevents and reduces ingrown hairs. A long-term solution for unwanted hair anywhere on the face & body – what’s not to love!?

The Down time & Aftercare

Skin may be slightly red after treatment and will go down in the 24-48 hrs after treatment. You can resume normal life immediately after your treatment. We do suggest the following as a precaution – avoid UV Exposure, Gym & Sauna for 24-48 hrs post treatment and avoid any perfumed and exfoliating products and always wear SPF if the area is exposed.

If you would like to discuss laser treatment with our team of medically trained professionals you contact us via Direct Message or WhatsApp.

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