One of the most common questions we get asked. Find out the truth based on our years of experience.

We get asked this question almost daily and understandably so. The brutal truth is without proper anesthetic, yes lip fillers can be very painful. This is due to the sensitive nerve endings in the lips. However, a healthcare or medically trained professional will use dental injections to not only completely numb the lips but also help in reducing any bleeding and bruising from the actual lip filler injection itself. This makes the lip injections themselves as comfortable and pain free as possible.

This highlights the importance of choosing a trusted healthcare or medical professional when choosing where to get your lip filler treatment done. Those not qualified or trained may try to use numbing cream as a replacement for the dental injections but these do not completely inhibit the nerves from firing and cause excruciating pain. Another potential risk factor to consider is when not using a trusted professional, a recent survey found over 90% of all injectable complications were caused by beauticians/non medical or healthcare professionals. Remember the horror stories you have probably seen or heard about? Now you know how to avoid any potential risk of that happening to you. Never put a price on your own health.

As long as you always seek a trusted medically trained professional who is experienced at administering dental injections. If you do this little bit of research your lip filler treatment should NOT be painful. You will experience slight discomfort and immediately after receiving treatment you will still be numb so it is best to avoid eating and drinking for a couple of hours.

Here at The MediClinics our team of experienced, trusted medically trained professionals always offer dental injections as standard for no additional cost making your experience with us as comfortable as possible